档案的病理和临床研究 //m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr Heighpubs开放获金博宝app体育取期刊上 en - us 流式细胞术在描述潜在的应用实体肿瘤主要表型异质性和循环细胞 08/24/2021//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1022.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>Flow cytometry (FCM) is a unique technique that allows rapid quantitative measurement of multiple parameters on a large number of cells at the individual level. FCM is based on immunolabelling with fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies, leading to high sensitivity and precision while time effective sample preparation. FCM can be performed on tissue following enzymatic or mechanical dissociation. The expression of epithelial antigens and cytokeratin isoforms help in distinguishing tumor cells from adjacent epithelial cells and from tumor infiltrating leukocytes. Tumor phenotypes can be characterized on expression intensity, aberrancies and presence of tumor-associated antigens as well as their cell proliferation rate and eventual heteroploidy. FCM can measure quantitative expression of hormone or growth factor receptors, immunoregulatory proteins to guide adjuvant therapy. Expression of adhesion molecules tells on tumor&rsquo;s capacity for tissue invasion and metastasis seeding. Tumor heterogeneity can be explored quantitatively and rare, potentially emerging, clones with poor prognosis can be detected. FCM is easily applicable on fine needle aspiration and in any tumor related biological fluids. FCM can also be used to detect circulating tumor cells (CTC) to assess metastatic potential at diagnosis or during treatment. Detecting CTC could allow early detection of tumors before they are clinically expressed although some difficulties still need to be solved. It thus appears that FCM should be in the pathologist tool box to improve cancer diagnosis, classification and prognosis evaluation as well as in orientating personalized adjuvant therapy and immunotherapy. More developments are still required to better known tumor phenotypes and their potential invasiveness.</p> 当前状态、并发症和粪便微生物群移植治疗的前景 04/15/2021//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1021.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2>& lt; p>目前,高度致命的突变体的出现在欧洲和美国已导致难治性复发性感染(RCDI)梭状芽胞杆菌在临床实践中需要解决的一个问题。2013年,荷兰集团展示了突破性的治疗效果在粪便微生物移植RCDI (FMT)治疗的临床试验,和FMT治疗正在迅速获得关注。除了RCDI, FMT治疗一直在尝试各种胃肠道疾病,如炎症性肠病、肠易激综合症和慢性便秘,以及extragastrointestinal疾病。在本文中,我想描述当前状态、并发症和FMT治疗前景。;/ p> 食欲缺乏的创造性自我 03/03/2021//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1020.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>The article describes the interaction of anorexic patients, hospitalized in the Regional Pilot Psychiatric Service for the treatment of Anorexia in the Molinette Hospital of Turin, with the reading volunteering group. On the basis of said interaction, the Creative Self is searched for in patients and shows into be present in different ways. It seems anyway enhanced by the presence in the reading group.</p> 急救护理生病的肿瘤姑息和问题在急诊科COVID-19大流行 09/30/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1019.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>Emergency medical care in palliative patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to provide a consistent treatment for stable patients that should be consistent with the goals and benefits, the perspective of these patients, but avoiding palliative patients with a poor prognosis that is unlikely to survive. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world around 8.8 million deaths a year. Worldwide, about 7-10 million patients are diagnosed with cancer each year, recently there has been a significant increase in the number of cases diagnosed with cancer. About 70% of cancer deaths are in low- and middle-income countries. The goals of emergency medical care based on the criteria of BLS and ACLS, that is should be done &ldquo;Do not do resuscitation, do not intubate but continue medical treatment excluding endotracheal intubation without prospects for the patient, but offering BLS only treatment concentrated symptomatic. ED is often the only place that can provide the necessary medical interventions (e.g., intravenous fluids or pain management medications. Medications as well as immediate access to advanced diagnostic tests when needed such as CT, RM and other diagnostic and treatment procedures.</p> 检测脑脊液IDH突变:讨论液体在神经病理学活检 09/17/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1018.php <h2>Summary</h2> <p>Isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) mutations are a common event in secondary glioblastoma multiforme and lower-grade adult infiltrative astrocytomas and independently confer a better prognosis [1,2]. These are highly conserved mutations during glioma progression and thus also a useful diagnostic marker amenable to modern molecular sequencing methods. These mutations can even be detected in sites distant from the primary tumour. We use an illustrative case of a patient with radiologically suspected recurrent astrocytoma and negative histology, but positive IDH-mutated tumour DNA detected within CSF. Our results demonstrated the usefulness of liquid biopsy for recurrent glioma within the context of equivocal or negative histopathological results, whilst also showing the ability to detect a de-novo IDH-2 mutation not present in the previous resection. Building on this &lsquo;proof-of-concept&rsquo; result, we also take the opportunity to briefly review the current literature describing the various liquid biopsy substrates available to diagnose infiltrative gliomas, namely the study of circulating tumour DNA, circulating tumour cells, and extracellular vesicles. We outline the current challenges and prospects of liquid biopsies in these tumours and suggest that more studies are required to overcome these challenges and harness the potential benefits of liquid biopsies in guiding our management of gliomas.</p> 相关的免疫球蛋白分子分析伤寒沙门氏菌在儿科患者 04/24/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1017.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>Typhoid fever is a systemic infection caused by Salmonella enterica serotype typhi. It is of major concern in tropical regions of the world. Highest episodes of typhoid fever occur in Asia i.e.93%. Early diagnosis of the disease is mandatory to lower the mortality rate associated with it as well as to prevent the emergence of antimicrobial drug resistance by Salmonella typhi. Research work was conducted in Immunology Department of the Children&rsquo;s Hospital, Lahore for the period of one year including a total of 60 patients suspected of having typhoid fever. Serum samples of these patients were tested for Typhidot IgG and IgM antibodies as well as for the antibodies against TO and TH antigens using Widal test. Of the total 60 patients, 10 (16.7%) were positive for both Typhidot IgG and IgM, 16 (26.7%) were positive for Typhidot IgM, 3 (5%) were Positive for Typhidot IgG and 31 (51.66%) were negative for both Typhidot IgG and IgM. Reading the results of Widal test, 8 (13.33%) were positive for Widal TO and TH antigens, 3 (5%) were positive for Widal TO antigen, 19 (31.7%) were positive for Widal TH antigen and 30 (50%) were negative for Widal TO and TH antigens. IgM is positive at the early stage of acute typhoid fever, IgM along with IgG positive means the middle stage of acute illness. The detection of only IgG cannot discriminate between acute and convalescent phases as it can stay in the serum for at least 2 years or more. The Typhidot test is much helpful for the rapid diagnosis of typhoid fever as compared to Widal test which is still being used in some set ups in poor countries, although has become mostly obsolete. By testing the rise of IgM and IgG antibodies against Salmonella typhi, we can detect the infection at early and late stages, respectively.</p> 子宫前体病变患者的从属节点lymphangioleiomyomatosis: 4例报告 01/14/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1016.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>Uterine sections from 6 patients with incidental nodal lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) were examined for LAM lesions by screening these sections with cathepsin K immunohistochemistry (IHC) stains. The hysterectomy specimens were all concurrent with the lymph node dissections in which the nodal LAM was discovered. In 4 of 6 patients microscopic lesions of pre-LAM were identified and confirmed by IHC staining for HMB-45 and beta-catenin. All lesions were grossly inapparent and also inapparent by routine hematoxylin and eosin stains. Three variants of pre-LAM lesions were identified. None of the pre-LAM lesions had an associated lymphatic proliferation. It is proposed that these pre-LAM lesions gave rise to the incidental nodal LAM lesions. Furthermore, it is suggested that the absence of an associated lymphatic proliferation associated with these lesions may be a factor in the attenuated potential for spread and the only rare association of these nodal lesions with pulmonary LAM.</p> 妊娠和分娩的女性年龄在40岁以上befelatanana产科,马达加斯加 12/24/2019//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1015.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p><strong>Objective:</strong> Pregnancy after age 40 remains a concern as it exposes to particular obstetrical complications. Our study aims to determine the risks of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth of women aged 40 and over.</p> <p><strong>Study design:</strong> We carried out a cross-sectional analytical study of a historical cohort comparing the progress and the outcome of pregnancy in women 40 years of age and over to those aged 20 and 35 who gave birth at the University Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Befelatanana, from 1st January 2010 to 31 December 2013.</p> <p><strong>Results:</strong> The prevalence of childbirth among 40 years old and over was 0.61%. They were multiparous and large multiparous in 88% of the cases. The analysis showed that parturients aged 40 years and older were at significant risk for caesarean section, with three times the risk of emergency caesarean section. The frequency of this emergency caesarean section increased with parity (<em>RR</em> = 3.04 [2.15-4.30], <em>p</em> = 10-10). Among their neonates, 23.42% were hypotrophic, 22.86% premature, 12% asphyxiated at birth, 13.14% admitted to neonatal resuscitation and 5.71% died in utero, but without significant difference with the group unexposed. Perinatal death was 7.43% in women aged 40 and over vs 4% in 20 to 35 year olds (<em>RR</em> = 1.85&nbsp;[0,89-3,86]; <em>p</em> = 0.052).</p> <p><strong>Conclusion: </strong>We found that pregnancies after 40 years were not exposed to pregnancy-related pathologies or specific fetal complications. The use of an emergency cesarean is, however, frequent.</p> 效果评估的维生素D水平在慢性乙型肝炎患者 12/03/2019//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1014.php <h2>Text</h2> <p>Vitamin D has immunomodulatory and antifibrotic properties, and therefore used for treatment of many of chronic liver disease [1]. Although there are many reports on the relationship between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 levels and chronic liver diseases, but the relationship between hepatitis B virus e antigen (HBeAg) and vitamin D level is still unclear.</p> 纵向和横向维度的肥大心肌细胞在人类左心室(LV)尸检;心力衰竭可能源于室几何没有收缩减弱的变化 07/23/2019//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1013.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>The shapes and sizes of human cardiomyocytes are accessible to systematic observation under most circumstances only at autopsy. This constraint has seriously curbed the study of these topics, thereby leaving a crippling gap in our understanding of heart failure. In recent years the only published ongoing findings have come from this laboratory. This article is a condensation of these reports, using those sources to develop fresh analyses designed to construct a set of organizing principles. The data are entirely retrospective thereby forbidding hypothesis testing and permitting only hypothesis formation. The hypotheses generated in this way are novel and surprising. In spite of the severe limitations in this methodology is seems possible that some useful new directions of inquiry might evolve from pursuing these original observations.</p> Rosai-Dorfman疾病表现为乳房肿块 03/18/2019//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1012.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>Rosai-Dorfman disease (RDD) is an idiopathic, benign proliferation of histiocytes that can be present in multiple organs such as lymph node, skin, soft tissue, orbit, central nerve system and bone; however, it rarely occurs in the breast. In general, RDD is a painless, firm and poorly defined lesion, which can radiologically mimic a breast cancer and is therefore an important differential consideration. The diagnosis of breast RDD is challenging, especially on a small biopsy specimen. We report a unique case of breast RDD with a literature review including common presentation, differential diagnosis, and recommended management. A high index of suspicion for this rare entity is essential to render a correct diagnosis, thereby avoiding unnecessary diagnostic tests and treatment.</p> 前列腺炎症肿瘤染色法:2例报告和文献综述 01/29/2019//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1011.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor is rarely seen in the prostate. Most of prostatic tumors are benign. However, local aggressively invading the adjacent organs and recurrence are frequent. Rarely, the malignant transformation and metastasis occurs, especially in elderly patient. The definitive diagnosis in a small biopsy is challenging. The correct diagnosis preoperatively will help to avoid unnecessary radical prostatectomy. Interval follow up is recommended. Here we reported two cases of prostatic inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor with literature review.</p> 受体药理学和其他相关因素在降低尿路病理功能和毒理学方法:仪器更好地管理抗菌素治疗 12/14/2018//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1010.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>In various patients conditions involved in lower urinary tract disease LUT (like overactive bladder, bladder neck sclerosis, dis &ndash;synergy (with our synenrgic contraction between bladder detrusor and bladder neck, BPH, recurrent cysytitis, interstitial cystitis, chronic prostatitis, uretral stenosys, loss of sfinteric coordination.</p> <p>Prostatic cancer, anatomic abnormalities and other the receptor status play relevant role to reduce effect of vicious clycle that can be responsible in progression of the pathologic process.</p> <p>In this work the complex receptorial status is analyzed to verify new therapeutic strategies.</p> <p>Starting from the observation that various irritant substanties produce irritant stimulus in Prostatic Patients or in bladder neck condition is interesting to deep understand the etio-patogenesys and Functional results.</p> <p>In Various prostatic, bladder neck or ureteral condition a reduced urinary fluss can produce infectious.</p> <p>Conditions like acute or chronic prostatitis.</p> <p>Irritants sustanties in diet (in example etilic alcohol drink, hot spices, crud meats, carbonate drinks, caffeine and other) can produce Painful stimulus in innervations of vecical trigonous, bladder neck and prostatic urethra.</p> <p>The same recurrent cystitis and Bph contribute in a complex situation.</p> <p>This stimulus produce ipertonus of bladder muscle involved in the expulsion of urine.</p> <p>The event related inflamation and edema (bladder, prostatic uretra, trigonus) contribute to the global effect.</p> <p>So conditions like bladder neck sclerosys IPB, recurrent prostatitis and cistitys in acts in a vicious circle. (Also immunomediated: Bph and cronic prostatitis with linfocite infiltration and tissue remodeling).</p> <p>The ormonal status check the systems (see 5-ARI efficacy in Bph).</p> <p>Simpatic, parasimpatic and other system are deeply involved.</p> <p>Also behavioral habits or diet can influence in example urinary flux in a complex system like LUT. (Bladder and prostatic irritants that can produce edema and acute inflamation).</p> <p>Other behavior habits are deeply involved as too much sedentary, water intake, coffee, pee modality and also psychological profile and stressing conditions.</p> <p>Some disease like diabetes produce high consequences in all this systems due to</p> <p>Bladder modification, oxidative stress, osmotic movens, and increase susceptibility of urinary infections.</p> <p>This article are verified this kind of movens that contribute in physio -pathology of some low urinary tract conditions.</p> <p>The anatomic abnormalities produces, obviously, physiological disfuntions.</p> <p>Recurrent urinary tract infections, inadequate antimicrobial therapy:</p> <p>Profile of resistance, duration of therapy, kind of antimicrobials, posology,</p> <p>Pk. Kinetics, associations, compliance, biofilms, micro calcifications (recurrent chronic prostatitis) contribute to a progression of the condition.</p> Amyotropyc横向硬化和内源性-Esogenous毒理学Movens:新模型来验证其他药理策略 10/05/2018//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1009.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>In 1874 J.M. Charcot was the first to describe ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease with an high non response therapy rate also to the actual therapy.</p> <p>ALS is not clearly associate to only single etio-patogenetic movens but many process seem involved.</p> <p>Also the strange geographic diffusion of different forms contribute to a complex syndromic pathology.</p> <p>Also the strange geographic diffusion of different forms contribute to a complex syndromic pathology.</p> <p>In this work the different neuronal damage movens and new therapeutic strategies are analyzed to produce a Unic global response to the pathologic process useful in next clinical application.</p> <p>Genetic factors must be considered also added to environmental movens but also to the endogenous microenvironment of motoneuron involved.</p> <p>A toxicological-biochemical-imunological approach can be useful tool to find new therapeutic strategies.</p> <p>Or to improve local availability of pharmacological molecules.</p> 组织学克隆变化——一个发育不良的诊断功能 08/28/2018//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1008.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p><strong>Aims:</strong> Histological diagnostic criteria are used for the assessment of the degree of dysplasia and hence the risk of cancer progression for premalignant lesions. Clonal changes in the form of hyperorthokeratosis and hyperchromasia that are sharply demarcated from adjacent areas are not currently part of the criterion for dysplasia diagnosis. The objective of this study was to determine whether such clonal change should be regarded as a diagnostic feature for dysplasia. The following histological conditions were used to define such change: (1) hyperorthokeratosis; (2) hyperchromatism but no other features of dysplasia; (3) sharp margin demarcation from adjacent area by both the hyperorthokeratosis and hyperchromasia (clonal change), and (4) no prominent rete ridges, marked acanthosis or heavy inflammation. Lesions fitting these criteria were termed orthokeratotic lesions with no dysplasia.</p> <p><strong>Methods:</strong> Patients from a population-based longitudinal study with more than 10 years of follow up were analyzed. Of the 214 patients with primary oral premalignant lesions, 194 had mild or moderate dysplasia (dysplasia group) and 20 fit the criteria for orthokeratotic lesions without dysplasia (orthokeratotic with no dysplasia group). The two groups were compared for their cancer risks using clinical (site and toluidine blue), histological (nuclear phenotype score), and molecular criteria (loss of heterozygosity) and by outcome (progression).</p> <p><strong>Results and conclusions:</strong> The lesions from orthokeratotic with no dysplasia group showed a similar cancer risk (clinical, histological and molecular risk) and time to progression as the dysplastic lesions. We recommend that the clonal change should be included as a criterion for dysplasia diagnosis.</p> 在底部:心理发展中自治组织病理学方面的培训 07/10/2018//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1007.php <h2>Introduction</h2> <p>Medical postgraduate trainees are given increasing levels of responsibility during training in the apprenticeship-model of training [1-3]. Responsibility is said to be a key driver of deep learning and understanding [4-7]. Trainees with greater levels of responsibility for decision making have higher levels of motivation to learn compared with trainees who self-assess as having less autonomy [5]. The Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) indicate that &lsquo;graded responsibility&rsquo; is part of training histopathologists and provided a framework for implementation with increasingly complex specimens suitable for reporting by more senior trainees [8,9].</p> 病态的氯氰菊酯对睾丸的影响和附属腺体性Yankasa公羊 06/20/2018//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1006.php <h2>References</h2> <p>An investigation into the pathological lesions of Cypermethrin on the testes, accessory sexual and pituitary glands of Yankasa rams was carried out. Sixteen Yankasa rams aged 18 - 30 months and weighing between 21.5 - 46.5kg were used. The 16 rams were divided equally into two groups (A and B) A served as the treatment group while B served as the control.&nbsp; Group (A) were given Cypermethrin (3%) at the dose rate of 3mg/kg (0.1ml/kg) body weight, topically.&nbsp; Group (B) rams were given distilled water at the same dose rate and route. These treatments were repeated every two weeks for a period of 12 weeks. The rams were sacrificed at the end of 12 weeks and the following organs (testes, pituitary, vesicular and prostate glands), were collected and weighed, gross pathological lesions were observed and photographs were taken. The samples were kept for histopathology. Results showed that there were no gross pathological lesions found on the testes, pituitary, prostate glands and the seminal vesicles of both groups. The mean weight of the pituitary gland, the prostate glands and the seminal vesicles of the treated and control groups were statistically not significant (P&gt;0.05). No histologic lesions were found on them. The mean testicular weights of the treated (143.81&plusmn;7.71g) and the control (130.43&plusmn;0.63g) were significantly different (P&lt;0.05). There was a reduced number of spermatozoa in the lumen of the seminiferous tubules of the treated group. It was concluded that Cypermethrin reduced spermatozoa in the lumen of the seminiferous tubules.</p> 分类的困境:多系统小血管血管炎cresentic肾小球肾炎 04/09/2018//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1005.php <h2>Case History</h2> <p>The patient is a 28-year old Caucasian man with six month history of arthralgia and crampy abdominal pain who presented with acute dyspnea and cough for 6 months associated with migratory polyarthralgias involving his knees, ankles, wrists, and shoulders. Three months prior to admission he noted an episodic crampy abdominal pain with intermittent diarrhea and constipation. The arthralgia persisted and was more associated with two hours of morning stiffness. During this time he also noted occasional nose bleeds and difficult hearing out of his left ear.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 模仿别人的人的骨头中学:布朗肿瘤,呈现退行性木材圆盘像痛苦 07/17/2017//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1004.php & lt; h2> ABSTRACT< / h2>& lt; p>该报告提出了一个成年病人患有关节炎下腰痛、腰骶神经根病和肘部肿胀。多峰性成像显示多个裂解骨骼病变位于上髋臼的骨髂,骶骨和远端半径。痛苦的许多病变关节表面由于扩展预计不会对布朗肿瘤。不到10例多原发性甲状旁腺功能亢进棕色瘤由于被报道。尽管布朗肿瘤诊断大多是顺便说一下,这种情况下会清醒布朗医生对风湿病的症状表现的肿瘤。自布朗肿瘤接触式骨损伤,有望回归甲状旁腺腺瘤切除后,布朗是很重要的区分肿瘤的巨细胞瘤。;/ p> MicroRNA在三阴性乳腺癌的治疗 06/27/2017//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1003.php & lt; h2> ABSTRACT< / h2><p>Breast cancer is a complex disease and one of the main causes of cancer-related mortality in women worldwide. In case of approximately 15% of all breast cancers, three markers i.e. estrogen receptors (ER), progesterone receptors (PR) and human epidermal growth factor receptors-2 (HER2) are not expressed, and is commonly termed as triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). Particularly, TNBC is associated with a higher percentage of breast cancer related mortality, which is often aggressive and most frequently found with a BRCA1 mutation or increased basal marker expression. However, due to the limitations of chemotherapy and radiation based treatment; the current challenge is to establish a new strategy of diagnosis and treatment of TNBC. The deregulation of a number of microRNAs (miRNAs) in breast cancer has been widely reported. Therefore, this review is directed towards enhancing our understanding of the involvement of various miRNAs in the pathology of TNBC, their upregulations and downregulations and the effects on various factors. From recent studies a number of miRNAs are found to be related with TNBC, which have great potential to be used as a biomarker to determine the disease prognosis and predict the fate of disease. Again miRNA can be targeted to be applied as a therapeutic to provide a great benefit to the patients of TNBC by finding a new, safe, and effective treatment strategy.</p> 血钠过多和中央尿崩症神经外科手术后的创伤 06/12/2017//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1002.php <h2>INTRODUCTION</h2> <p>The greater risk of hypernatremia in patients over 65 years old are associated with impaired mental status and physical disability which may result in impaired sensation to thirst, impaired ability to express thirst, and/or decrease access to water [1,2]. Normally, anti-diuretic hormone (ADH, also known as arginine-vasopressin, AVP) is secreted in response to 1-2% increase in osmolality which stimulate thirst, as do hypovolemia and hypotension. Broadly, speaking hypernatremia is due to hypotonic fluid loss or hypertonic sodium gain. Hypotonic fluid loss is mainly caused by diabetes insipidus. There are many causes of central diabetes incipidus (CDI). Pituitary and hypothalamus injuries caused by trauma, neurosurgical procedures, hemorrhage, ischemia, autoimmune diseases e.g. hypophysitis, IgG4 related disease or tumors involving hypothalamic-pituitary axis (HPA) are but few causes of CDI. Central diabetes incipidus is also reported with traumatic brain injuries causing ischemia to the HPA [3] and presented with exertion of large volumes of diluted urine (polyuria). Polyuria is defined by a urine volume in excess of 2 L/m2/24 h or approximately 40-50 ml/kg/24 h in older children or adult.</p> 癌相关成纤维细胞的作用在口腔鳞状细胞癌女性抵抗€”需要一个小时 01/30/2017//m.lakotalakes.com/hjpcr/apcr-aid1001.php <h2>SUMMARY</h2> <p>Anoikis resistance (AR) is a favorable attribute exhibited by cancer cells for metastasis. Carcinoma associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) plays a crucial role in AR in various cancers. It was proved in array of studies in different cancers that there was definite interrelationship between CAFs and AR. But its role in OSCC is ambiguous. It is the need of the time to reveal the correlation of CAF and oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) in relation with anoikis. Molecular pathways which affects the AR via CAFs in various cancers has been highlighted in this communication. Divulging the importance of CAF in cancer will aid in designing customized novel chemoprevention therapy and thus will help in enhancing the prognosis of patient in OSCC.</p>