牙科临床进展》杂志上 //m.lakotalakes.com/hjd Heighpubs开放获金博宝app体育取期刊上 en - us 再处理的影响在下颌磨牙的牙本质微裂隙的形成充满了基于硅酸钙封口机 04/09/2021//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1023.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2>& lt; p>介绍:endodontically治疗牙齿,牙本质缺陷如裂纹可以进展到一个垂直根断裂,导致牙齿脱落。你们;/ p>& lt; p>目的:本研究旨在评估,通过微型电脑断层扫描分析,牙本质的形成过程中微裂隙充填去除牙髓学的再精制的牙根充满了杜仲胶和总填补BC bioceramic封口机。;/ p>& lt; p>方法:20中央的下颌磨牙的根是检测和密闭杜仲胶和总填补BC封口机,然后用旋转填充材料被Protaper再处理文件。填充后的标本进行扫描仪器之前,和之后的再处理。灌装后而获得的横向图像去除后获得的图像填充材料。进行描述性统计分析。;/ p>& lt; p>结果:24.444中截面分析,提出某种类型的牙本质缺陷,5.67%与0.51%的初始图像,2.58%后充填图像和2.58% post-retreatment图像。所有的牙本质缺陷识别获得的图像再处理后已经出现在灌装后对应的图像。去除后,并未观察到新牙质的微裂隙填充物。;/ p> <p>Conclusion: Retreatment of mesial roots of mandibular molars filled with a silicate-based root canal filling material do not influence the formation of dentinal microcracks.</p> 酗酒和其影响牙科团队,一个更新和审查的文学 11/15/2019//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1010.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>Precis: This Literature review is intended to provide dental practitioners with an update of the implications that Alcoholism poses to them.<br /> Statement of the problem: Alcoholism raises several distinct problems for dental professionals.</p> <p>Purpose of the study: The focus of this review has been to primarily identify and critically appraise the associations between alcoholism and the various difficulties that have been derived from the literature.</p> <p>Materials and methods: A structured review of the literature was undertaken using PubMed, Google Scholar and the Cochrane library, additional searching of reference lists was also undertaken. A number of articles were critically analyzed which included Cochrane and systematic reviews, meta-analyses and a number of cross-sectional studies. The data was compared under several headings and tabulated in certain instances.</p> <p>Results: Alcoholism raises various implications that dental professionals should be aware of including increased incidences of caries, periodontal disease, pathological tooth wear &amp; oral cancer. Chronic Alcohol intake interacts with the pharmacodynamics and kinetics of many routinely prescribed medications in routine dental practice. In addition, there are problems related to access to care and during acute episodes of intoxication abusers may participate in antisocial behavior in the healthcare environment.</p> <p>Conclusion: Alcoholism has several implications for the dental team, however, dentists who are familiar with the manifestations of the illness, as well as the challenges raised in dental practice can confidently offer these patients a full range of dental treatment.</p> 稳定的面部软组织轮廓和骨墙在单个上颌牙间隙与轮廓增强早期植入位置:一个案例报告 12/23/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1022.php <p>Summary</p> <p>Stability of esthetic implant buccal soft and hard tissue contour using freeze-dried bone allograft in early implant placement with contour augmentation.</p> 一个简化的方法为面部假肢制造定制托盘 09/04/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1021.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>Maxillofacial defects are very common and can be due to congenital defect, trauma, infections and neoplasms of facial region. These defects can be restored using different materials and retention methods to give a life like appearance. Rehabilitation of facial defect is a very challenging task. Every good prosthesis needs a skillful hand and it all starts with making a good impression of that defect and to proceed with the same. The aim of present paper was to present a simplified approach for the fabrication of custom tray to take facial impression of the patient with maxillofacial defect.</p> 压力评价上颌切牙中部恢复与不同的文章材料:有限元分析 07/21/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1020.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p><strong>Introduction:</strong> With the availability of different post systems and various studies on the strength of teeth restored with posts, the controversy as to which post systems provide better stress distribution of post and longevity of tooth has not been resolved. The purpose of this study was to compare the stress distribution of three different post materials using finite element analysis.</p> <p><strong>Materials and nethod: </strong>Three dimensional finite element models of central incisor, three posts with crown were constructed on computer with software. Posts of three different materials (Ni-Cr post, Glass fiber post, and Zirconia post)with zirconia crown were virtually generated and a force of 100 N was applied at an angle of 450 on the palatal surface of the crown. Von Mises stresses were evaluated on the cervical, middle and apical third of the root.</p> <p><strong>Results: </strong>The maximum stresses were seen on the cervical one-third in each post material indicating that this region is more prone to fracture in tooth restored with posts. Among the three materials tested, Ni-Cr post showed maximum stress generation followed by Zirconia post and glass fiber post. The maximum stresses generated by the posts were 11.4 MPa, 10.58 MPa and 4.11 MPa respectively.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion:</strong> The less rigid post material like glass fiber post can be used in an endodontically treated anterior teeth.</p> 应用程序可以减少多余的水泥cement-retained植入假体支持:迷你回顾 06/12/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1019.php <p>Cement-retained implant-supported restorations has been preferred by many clinicians due to its ease of production, low cost and similarity to dental supported restorations [1].&nbsp; In the literature, many complications caused by residual cement, ranging from acute severe bone resorption to implant loss, have been published as a case report/ series [2-7]. In another study [8], residual cement was seen in 81% of implant cases that are clinically identified as peri- implantitis. Hence it has been indicated that a strong relationship has been determined between residual cement and development of chronic peri-implant infection [9].</p> 测定钙的牙齿结构使用火焰发射分光光度计 05/15/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1018.php <p>018Calcium is the most common element in the tooth&rsquo;s structure. In addition, calcium is one of the elements that are effective in maintaining dental health. As a result of calcium deficiency, the tooth becomes brittle and begins to rot. Calcium deficiency usually occurs in acidic beverage consumption and during canal treatment.</p> 行为管理在牙科治疗! ! ! 04/28/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1017.php <p>Behavioral dentistry is an interdisciplinary science, which needs to be learned, practiced and reinforced in the context of clinical care and within the community oral health care system. The objective of this science is to develop in a dental practitioner an understanding of the interpersonal, intrapersonal, social forces that influence the patients&rsquo; behavior. The clinician must acquire knowledge to develop appropriate behavioral skills with an improved quality of communication and management of patients. Behavior dentistry also teaches to develop a recognition and understanding that the body and mind are not separate entities and focuses on patients&rsquo; social, emotional and physiological dental experiences.</p> 牙齿侵蚀和胃蛋白酶回流的作用 04/24/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1016.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p><strong>Objective:</strong> The purpose of the study was to evaluate if there is a link between salivary pepsin levels and tooth erosion. Also, to determine if gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is responsible for much of the tooth erosion seen by dentists.</p> <p><strong>Background:</strong> Pepsin is only produced within the stomach. If found within other parts of the body [for example within saliva or sputum samples], the only mechanism by which that would be possible is via the reflux of gastric contents. One of the causes of dental erosion is thought to be due to direct contact between tooth surfaces and acidic substances and digestive enzymes present in gastric refluxate. GERD is a common condition, with its prevalence seemingly trending higher in recent decades. It is reportedly a known cause of tooth erosions. From the hypothesis, there was an expectation to see patients with dental erosions to have pepsin detected [and perhaps at high levels] and to see patients without dental erosions to have no or low levels of pepsin.</p> <p><strong>Method: </strong>Three saliva samples were collected [on waking and 2 post-prandial] from 50 anonymous participating patients (26 females, 24 males) from a single dental practice. Extra information was collected related to lifestyle, Reflux Symptom Index (RSI &ndash; reflux questionnaire) and tooth erosions. These samples were analyzed for the stomach enzyme pepsin using the validated medical device Peptest.</p> <p><strong>Results:</strong> There was no correlation between positive pepsin levels and the presence of tooth erosion during this study. There was a statistical difference between the on waking pH vs. positive pepsin levels and post prandial pH vs. positive pepsin levels. The average pH was lower for on waking and post-prandial samples with positive pepsin, suggesting that the saliva was acidic and gastric reflux had occurred. Conversely, the average pH was higher for on waking and post-prandial samples with negative pepsin. There was no statistical difference between pH vs. tooth erosion in the on waking and post- prandial.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion: </strong>Patients identified as having tooth erosion did not have higher levels of pepsin detected, suggesting that pepsin was not associated with dental erosion in these patients.</p> 裂成两半的下颌运河:病例报告和迷你回顾 04/03/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1015.php <p>The presence of bifid mandibu&not;lar canals is an unusual but not rare occurrence. The mandibular canal containing the inferior alveolar artery, vein, and nerve, originates from the mandibular foramen and terminates at mental foramen [1-4]. In radiology, mandibular canal&rsquo;s appearance has been described as &ldquo;a radiolucent dark ribbon between two white lines&rdquo;[5]. White and Pharoah defined it as &ldquo;dark linear shadow with thin radiopaque superior and inferior borders cast by the lamella of bone that bounds the canal&rdquo; [6]. Understanding of its anatomic variations is very important due to its clinical implications in various oral and maxillofacial treatments like removal of wisdom teeth [7], mandibular implant placement [8], in bilateral sagittal split osteotomy procedures and during fixation of mandibular fractures. Presence of bifid or multiple mandibular canals forces the clinician to change the treatment plan. Ignoring this variation can cause several complications intra or postoperatively or even result in failure of treatment. For instance a bifid canal if ignored during surgical removal of third molar or dental implant placement can cause prolonged pain even after administering local anesthesia and also severe bleeding if the accessory canal is encroached [2].</p> Teledentistry趋势 03/18/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1014.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2>& lt; p>社会经济障碍似乎是牙科保健的最大威胁,除了考虑到地理位置的人口。获得需要的保健成为首要考虑的问题,通过远程咨询可以克服这些障碍。作为被网关进入口腔的健康问题,牙科治疗成为一个至关重要的卫生保健系统。Tele医学和Tele牙科成为有效治疗健康问题,减少后期的检测异常的可能性。它让我们更好地利用我们的时间和屏幕更多的病人。本文旨在提供惊人的Tele牙科技术涉及所有牙科专业达到社会的人口。;/ p> 一个评估商用临时修复材料的硬度:体外研究 01/09/2020//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1013.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p><strong>Statement of problem:</strong> Provisional restorations play a critical role in the success of restorative treatment so they must maintain their integrity in the oral environment throughout the diagnostic and restorative phases.</p> <p><strong>Purpose: </strong>The aim of this study was to compare and evaluate the hardness of four different materials used fabrication of interim restoration.</p> <p><strong>Material and methods:</strong> Ten samples with dimensions of 10mmx10mmx2mm were fabricated from four interim materials (DPI, Tempron, Protemp 4 and Transcan). Hardness of samples was measured using Fischer scope hardness tester.</p> <p><strong>Result:</strong> The highest mean hardness was found in Heat polymerizing acrylic resin group. ANOVA test indicated F value to be 2201.01 which was highly significant (<em>p</em> &lt; 0.001).</p> <p><strong>Conclusion:</strong> Heat polymerizing resin and bisacrylics may be considered in a long term provisional fixed prosthesis.</p> 侧椎弓根和结缔组织移植€”相结合的方法对管理孤立的牙龈萎缩 11/25/2019//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1012.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>Gingival recession is defined as apical migration of the gingival epithelium leading to the exposure of root surface. There are many surgical procedures for treating gingival recessions and the main goal is to cover the exposed tooth surface by soft tissue augmentation. The surgical techniques performed for root coverage has their own advantages and limitations. The surgical technique used for managing the gingival recession is the major factor that determines the outcome and the long term result of the procedure. The most common surgical technique in treating the isolated gingival recession is the lateral pedicle graft and the surgical technique with highest percentage of root coverage is the connective tissue graft. This case report deals with the management of an isolated gingival recession with lateral pedicle and connective tissue graft. The outcome of the procedure was excellent having complete root coverage.</p> Cranio-Facial纤维发育不良:保守治疗的病例报告monostotic形式与矫正管理和non-lytic骨的骨移植物牙科植体康复 11/21/2019//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1011.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>Fibrous dysplasia is an osteolytic lesion in which bone is replaced by an instable fibrous osseous tissue. The aim of this case report is to highlight dental rehabilitation (bone grafts to allow dental implant) on patients suffering of this condition.</p> <p>A 39-year-old female with a hard-traumatic event in childhood desired a dental implant rehabilitation on her teeth 19 and 30 after an orthodontic alignment. A Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) was performed showing a massive radiopaque lesion of the anterior mandible. The bone grafts and dental implants were successfully managed. A non-invasive treatment with regular follow up was chosen for this case. No evolution was noticed twenty-four month later at the follow up CBCT.</p> 颜色键在管理孩子的情感和知识分散在口腔环境中使用彩色游戏对孩子们 08/20/2019//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1009.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p><strong>Aim and objective:</strong> Dentistry for children is not difficult but is different from what is practiced for adults. The children reacts to differently to people and places around them. Anxiety is an emotional state that helps normal individual defend themselves against a variety of threats and Dental anxiety refers to patients specific response towards dental suitation-associated stress. So the aim is to evaluate the anxiety related management of the children using intellectual mind game of the individual.</p> <p><strong>Study design</strong>: The background of the study is to evaluate and study the effectiveness of anxiety control of children using colour distraction between 5 and 12 yrs of age group as one part and the intellectual distraction of children between the same age group using buchanan facial imaging scale and intellectual coloured game chart.</p> <p><strong>Results and conclusion</strong>: lowering of anxiety was noticed in the children obtained the favorite colours in the dental environment and easy distraction can be achieved using intellectual gamings.</p> 髁的修改如何发生 12/31/2018//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1008.php <h2>Short Communication</h2> <p>Functional appliances used in correction of class II malocclusions are shown to modify the neuromuscular environment of dentition &amp; associated bones. There are many studies related to the skeletal, dental and neuromuscular changes which are evaluated cephalometrically, clinically as well as with the recent diagnostic aids like MRI. The aim of this short communication was to highlight and discuss the different aspects of condylar modifications and its role in its growth.</p> 防止Peri-implantitis与适当的胶结协议和考虑替代Cement-Retained移植修复 10/26/2018//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1007.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2>& lt; p>成功的植入修复是取决于一个适当的手术和假协议。在过去的几年里增加Peri-Implantitis一直认为,在某种程度上,多余的水泥左植入的项圈和线程,在很多情况下导致骨质流失,甚至彻底失败的植入治疗[1 - 5]。;/ p>& lt; p> & lt; strong>本文将attempt< / strong>: 1。描述一个适当的胶结协议cement-retained植入修复来降低水泥诱导移植失败,和2。审查替代移植恢复选项cement-retained冠如螺丝固定修复,screwless cementless植入修复,screw-retained-cemented植入冠,使成角螺旋通道修复舌锁螺丝固定修复和多部件桥台修复。;/ p> 最近开发的树脂染色敏复合材料 07/25/2018//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1006.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2>& lt; p> & lt; strong>目标:& lt; / strong>评估基于3最近开发的树脂材料的颜色稳定持续暴露于各种染色剂。你们;/ p>& lt; p> & lt; strong> Methods< / strong>: 144圆盘形的标本是由每个3的测试复合材料(Essentia,高明,Inspiro)。是1毫米厚度的一半,另一半1.2毫米厚度。厚组比抛光4000砂砾和减少到1毫米厚度,。所有标本24 h后干燥存储在一个孵化器(输入- 500,Memmert),得到一个初始颜色测量的校准反射分光光度计(SpectroShade, MHT、Niederhasli、瑞士)。标本被分为6组(n = 6)和沉浸在5染色的解决方案或人工唾液(控制)。所有标本都保存在一个孵化器在37,度;C为28天。染色解决方案(红酒、咖喱混合水、咖喱混合油、茶和咖啡)改变每7天,以避免细菌或酵母污染。 After 28 days of storage spectrophotometric measurements were repeated and L*a*b* scores once more recorded to determine the colour (&Delta;E00) changes.</p> <p><strong>Results</strong>: All tested materials showed significant color changes after 28 days staining immersion.</p> <p>When considered over a black background &Delta;E00 of polished samples varied from 1.7 (Brillant/distilled water) to 24.1 (Brillant/wine).</p> <p>When considered over a white background &Delta;E00 of polished samples varied from 1.1 (Essentia/distilled water) to 32.5 (Inspiro/wine).</p> <p>When considered over a black background &Delta;E00 of unpolished samples varied from 1.1 (Essentia, Inspiro/distilled water) to 25.8 (Essentia/wine).</p> <p>When considered over a white background &Delta;E00 of unpolished samples varied from 1.4(Inspiro/distilled water) to 33.1 (Inspiro/wine).</p> <p><strong>Conclusions</strong>: Staining of restorative materials seems to be dependent on the composition of the product itself. Unpolished samples demonstrated to be more prone to staining than the polished ones</p> 舌护圈的制造容易 11/20/2017//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1005.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2>& lt; p>直接成键的舌护圈是具有挑战性的,因为它需要一个长时间的工作时间在前牙的舌方面。由于没有直接的视觉污染的风险有一个从唾液和水分,这可能会导致债券失败;,很难应用胶粘剂确切需要的地方。本文中描述的间接法显示了一个简单的方法来增加更好的护圈。你们的结合;/ p> 神经肌肉疾病在儿童牙科办公室 06/08/2017//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1004.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>The neuromuscular disorders may be hereditary, autoimmune, and in some cases with unknown etiology. These diseases are characterized by progressive course, muscle weakness, and in an advanced stage with binding the patient to a wheelchair. This group includes a number of diseases, but from the dental perspective, the most interesting are muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis. Neuromuscular disorders affect the oral cavity and the impact on oral hygiene procedures should be monitored with great attention.</p> 的诊断和治疗前牙:一个案例报告 02/24/2017//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1003.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p><strong>Background: </strong>A cracked tooth may be challenging for dentists because it may present with varied intensities, may be asymptomatic, and may still not be clinically visible. The transilumination method can facilitate diagnosis and ensure appropriate treatment in such cases. The aim of the present article wasto report a clinical case of an anterior cracked tooth with a nonesthetic class IV restoration.</p> <p><strong>Clinical considerations</strong>: A 22-year-old male patient with chief complaint of esthetics of upper front tooth reported a history of dental trauma. Transilumination with a dental curing light unit was used to examine the region. The tooth 11 was diagnosed with several cracks and a nonesthetic class IV restoration. For repair, the universal adhesive system Scotchbond Universal was applied without previous acid etching, followed by the application of Filtek Z350 of color type B2 (for body) above the old restoration, taking care to slightly overlap the fracture line with the composite and to not extend the composite until the incisal margin. Subsequently, a thin layer of Filtek Z350 of color type B2 (for enamel) was applied over the bevel until the incisal margin, and the tooth shape was carved.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion</strong>: This case report demonstrates simplified diagnosis of an anterior cracked tooth with transilumination; following repair, the esthetic quality of the restoration was considered satisfactory and approved by the patient.</p> 双边Parasymphyseal骨瘤 01/19/2017//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1001.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2><p>Osteoma is a benign osteogenic tumor arising from the proliferation of cancellous or compact bone. In the facial bones, both central and peripheral osteomas have been described in the literature. Peripheral type of osteoma is the most common variant in the mandible, which occurs on the cortical bone surface. We present a case of a fourteen year old boy who had swelling on right and left parasymphyseal region. Radiographs revealed radiopacity having onion-peel appearance and histopathology gave the final diagnosis of osteoma. Periosteal reaction giving rise to onion peel appearance on the radiograph has been reported in Ewing sarcoma, Garre&rsquo;s osteomyelitis and infantile cortical hyperostosis in the literature but our case shows that similar appearance can be there in osteoma as well.</p> 一个€œBulls对公牛Teetha€Taurodontism -牙髓学的管理使用CBCT作为诊断工具- 2罕见的病例报告 01/20/2017//m.lakotalakes.com/hjd/jcad-aid1002.php & lt; h2> Abstract< / h2>& lt; p> Taurodontism是一种罕见的牙科异常出现失常的牙齿缺乏收缩的水平cemento-enamel结(CEJ)。它的特点是细长的髓腔和顶端位移分岔或根的三根分叉部,形成了一个矩形。同时,似乎经常作为一个孤立的异常,其与一些症状和异常也已在文献中报道。虽然恒磨牙通常受到影响,这个异常也可以看到落叶生齿,单边或双边,牙齿或象限的任意组合。这些形态异常姿势在牙髓学的牙医治疗的各种挑战。现代诊断工具如锥束ct (CBCT)、放大镜和牙科手术显微镜(DOM)在这种情况下帮助实现更好的治疗效果。本文提出了诊断和成功的管理2恒磨牙罕见的taurodontism灵活;/ p>